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    DAC Double Alkaline Cleaner for Beer Lines

    This double alkaline cleaner is not only formulated to remove embedded residue in your beer lines but also helps reduce cleaning time. The DAC double alkaline cleaner quickly penetrates with the cleaning power of sodium hydroxide and potassium hydroxide to take on heavily soiled, case-hardened, and problematic beer lines. More importantly, alkaline cleaners are designed to mix instantly and will never cake or harden.


    Why Choose Double Alkaline Line Cleaners

    The twin alkaline formula of this double alkaline cleaner leverages the cleaning strength of sodium hydroxide with the easy rinsing qualities of potassium hydroxide that is less corrosive to metal parts and fittings. DAC double alkaline cleaner blends both compounds with a proprietary blend of surfactants and chelating agents to help the caustic loosen and suspend soil while improving rinsability and protecting metal fittings. In addition, Alkaline cleaners are also very cost-effective.


    Details and Features of This Double Alkaline Cleaner

      • Alkaline cleaners remove embedded residues from old case-hardened lines and systems that have been out of service
      • DAC double alkaline cleaner comes in a 32 oz bottle.
      • The nitrate-free formulation of this double alkaline cleaner is low in phosphates and 100% biodegradable
      • Primary active ingredients: hydroxide and potassium hydroxide
      • One 32 oz container makes 32 gallons of powerful, quality cleaner

    • Brewery-approved for use in regular cleaning of beer lines

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