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    American Talos inc established by Talos Technology corporation in Los Angeles in 2018. It aims to provide liquid food packaging and dispensing system solutions for North American beer wholesalers beer installation companies, equipment distributors.

    Talos was founded in year 2003, is the only manufacturer and service provider in the world with both liquid food packaging design and beer dispensing equipment R & D capabilities. So far, talos has successfully provided a full range of diversified and customized solutions for global customers in hotels, restaurants, bars, home, outdoor and other scenes. As a leading enterprise in the field of beer dispensing equipment manufacture, talos has independently developed taloskeg and related solutions to fill the vacancy in the domestic market. With 18 years of overseas expansion experience and industry expertise, American talos inc has an independent office and warehouse in Los Angeles, which can provide timely, effective, rich, high-quality and cost-effective product sales services for customers in the United States.

    American Talos inc has a team with independent operation capabilities such as sales, warehousing, finance, operation and management, which is an important milestone on talos's road to internationalization. We hope to have close contact with and serve customers, and bring you a pleasant and reassuring drinking experience while providing high-quality solutions.

    • Innovation

      Team innovation is the source of enterprise development. We actively advocate the development of innovation culture and improve innovation ability.

      Make use of global market insight and establish long-term project partnership with well-known universities, brand consulting companies, enterprise management companies and intellectual property institutions to ensure continuous and accurate innovation of brands, products, teams and channels.

    • Quality

      We regard the sanctity of product quality as the highest honor of the company. Rich experience and professional knowledge have created our continuous pursuit of excellent quality.

      Employees with more than 10 years of experience combine their personal skills with new automation equipment, integrate art and engineering into each process, and give life to each product with high-level precision and quality.

    • Cost Efficiency

      Innovation is the driving force for continuous progress, and quality is the cornerstone of stable development. We focus on the field of beer dispensing equipment, focus on the industry, fine management and tap the potential, which is the key for Talos brand to remain competitive in the international market.

      Stable and innovative product quality and efficient and flexible team operation enable us to continuously bring cost-effective products and services to the majority of users.

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