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    allKlear Acid-Base Indicator Tablets

    Beer-line cleaning solutions can either be alkaline-based or acid-based. And in cleaning your beer lines, one of the most important things to consider is not only whether the beverage lines are already thoroughly cleaned, but also if they are free from any traces of the cleaner. Needless to say, beer lines that are tainted with cleaning solution can adversely affect the taste of your beer or may, worse, harm your customers.

    Make sure that your beer lines are free of cleaning solution by using acid-base indicators. With these acid-base indicator tablets from allKlear, a blue indicator will let you know when the beer-line flush is complete and free of cleaning solution.

    How These Acid-Base Indicators Work

    Using an acid and alkaline indicator is easy. With this particular allKlear acid-base indicator, you only need to put a tablet into a container and add water (one tablet of this acid and alkaline indicator will color up to five gallons of water). Then, you add the concentrated cleaning chemicals per manufacturer's directions to the colored water, cleaning the beer system using your normal method. You can then thoroughly rinse the beer line until no color remains.

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    Details and Features

      • This acid and alkaline indicator comes in a bottle of 50 tablets

      • allKlear alkaline and acid indicators are perfectly compatible with any alkaline or acid cleaner

      • Quick dissolving, food safe acid-based indicator

    • Blue color of allKlear's acid-base indicators will let you know when beer line flush is complete
    SpecificationsPOWDER LINE CLEANER

    Powder(16 oz tub)

    Super No-Rinse for home use

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