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    ALC Beer Line Cleaner

    The ALC beer line cleaner is your best defense against alkali-resistant calcium oxalate in beer lines. What exactly is calcium oxalate? The specialty hops found in many imported, craft, or microbrews react with hard brewing water to produce a mineral called calcium oxalate. Calcium oxalate is similar to beer stone but is, unfortunately, alkali resistant. This resistance to alkali makes calcium oxalate hard to remove when using the alkaline line of cleaners, which include BLC, Penetrate, and DAC. An acid cleaner for beer line, therefore, is your best bet. An acid beer line cleaner like this product will effectively remove calcium oxalate from your beer lines, resulting in a pure taste of beer that will make your customers come back for more.

    A Closer Look at This Acid Beer Line Cleaner

    This acid line cleaner is formulated with metal-protecting additives that helps protect faucets and fittings. This acid beer line cleaner is also cost-effective: the high-concentrated formula of the ALC beer line cleaner requires less product per gallon of water to achieve the same cleaning power of many other products available in the market today.

    Use this acid cleaner for beer line as a part of a regular cleaning schedule for beer lines that are used to dispense specialty brews, imports, and beers that use high calcium brewing water. Suggested cleaning method is to do an alkaline cleaning first on your beer lines using BLC, Penetrate, or DAC first, rinse with water, then proceed to cleaning using this ALC beer line cleaner and rinse with water again before connecting your beer line to the beer supply.

    ALC Acid Line Cleaner Details and Feature

      • Your best defense against alkali-resistant oxalate in beer lines. Formulated to protect faucets and fittings.

      • Formulated to protect faucets and fittings

      • Cost-effective: the high-concentrated formula requires less product per gallon of water

      • Safe to use

      • Comes in a 32-oz bottle
    SpecificationsLIQUID LINE CLEANERS
    Name Of PartsLiquid Line Cleaner(acid)

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