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    Talos 1 way conversion kits is suitable for plane transformation (such as refrigerator door, metal or wood plate, etc.) to quickly convert your refrigerator into high-quality beer dispensing equipment. With your unique beer machine, you can easily enjoy fresh draft beer at home!
    Kits IncludeQty
    Cloumn Two Way1
    Standsrd Brass Faucet Chrome Plated2
    Vinyl Pressure Hose 14.29*7.94(9/16*5/16)2
    D type keg coupler, Brass boday SS. Probe, round handle2
    Premium Regulator-Two Way (2 Shut off )1
    Drip tray 9"1
    Faucet Wrench1
    Clamp p11.3(3/16") PE8
    5LBS Gas Cylinder1

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