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    The Talos Keg is a major technical innovation in the field of liquid food packaging and belongs to the world's leading kegged beer packaging technology.

    It has a number of international patents, certifications and laboratory accreditation. Talos Keg is a new generation of disposable beer keg with multi-layer flexible environment-friendly inner bag and PET container as the core material. It has a variety of 3L-30L specifications to meet different requirements.

    Today, what is changing our way of thinking, design innovation and realization? "Achieving beauty" conveys a principle and is also a conceptual change. The appearance and function should be integrated into a harmonious whole.

    • Aseptic vacuum technology:The inner bag is made of food-grade environmentally friendly flexible bags, which are sterilized and auto-vacuum treated. Vacuum filling is used to extend the shelf life of beer, which is of great significance to beer sales.

    • Air compression design:Inject compressed gas between the PET container and the inner bag, and use the gas to squeeze out the beer from the inner bag to avoid contact air, ensure the original taste of draft beer.

    • High-performance material technology:The body of the Talos Keg is blow-molded from high-quality PET packaging materials with high and low temperature resistance and high mechanical properties. It has good hygiene and safety, light weight, and lighter transportation.

    • ECO design concept:The material of the Talos Keg can be 100% completely recycled, which can bring various production advantages to beer producers who are committed to reducing environmental impact.



    • Pain point 1: high investment

      Stainless steel keg is expensive to purchase and requires long-term storage of safety stock, which incurs high storage space occupation and management costs.

    • solution

      The Talos Keg is a one-time investment, it can be ordered at any time according to actual needs, it does not occupy storage and does not require any management costs.


    • Pain point 1: waste of beer

      Due to the gap between the spear and the bottom of the SS keg, the beer cannot be fully poured. Depending on different diameter of SS kegs, the wasted beer will be 500-800ml.

    • solution

      Talos Keg does not have spear inside, the inner bag is pressed by compressed air , all beer can be dispensed out.

    • Pain point 2: Complicated cleaning of stainless steel keg before filling

      According to the standard process, SS keg requires multiple processes before filling and expensive professional equipment, very low production efficiency.

    • solution

      The inner bag of the Talos Keg is sterilized and all indicators meet the filling requirements. Only the keg head needs to be cleaned and disinfected before filling.

    • Pain point 2: Limitations of gas and cylinders

      CO2 and cylinder’s purchase costs and transportation costs are high, also there are strict requirements for transportation.

    • solution

      solutions Talos Keg does not need to use CO2, the cost of regulator, CO2 and cylinders are saved, it solves the problem of lack of food-grade CO2 in some cities.

    • Pain point 3: maintenance

      SS keg, gas cylinders, regulator and other accessories need to be tested, maintained or replaced regularly, which will incur costs.

    • solution

      Talos Keg only has a purchase cost.

    • Pain point 3: SS keg’s return

      Due to the need to transport the empty keg back, there will be transportation costs, the farther the transportation, the more expensive.

    • solution

      The Talos Keg is for one-time use and does not need return, saving the cost of return and breaking the sales radius limit.

    • Pain point 4: lost of keg

      SS kegs travel from the brewery to the beer distributor and then to the terminal and finally Return to the brewery by original path, the path is complicated and the cycle is long, the keg can easily be lost.

    • solution

      The Talos Keg is for one-time use and does not need return.

    • Pain point 4: high investment of filling and cleaning equipment

      SS keg requires expensive and large-scale filling and cleaning equipment, professional technical maintenance, both the procurement and maintenance costs are very high.

    • solution

      The filling equipment of the Talos Keg has a variety of specifications, as well as simple manual filling equipment. The selection is very flexible, and it does not need to be cleaned before filling, low cost and high return on investment.


    • Extend Shelf Life

      The overall design of the Talos keg allows the shelf life of your beverage of choice to double in shelf life.

    • Guarantees Freshness

      Pressurized air compresses the liquid pouch propelling the beer for a smooth pour, keeping the beer fresh and preventing from oxidization.

    • Simplified Process

      Efficient packaging for local distribution and storage.

    • No CO2 Required

      The Talos Keg does not require Gas Cylinders for dispensing.


    Talos keg is extruded tapping and separate the inner bag from the air, No cylinder No regulator and food-grade CO2 cost.

    Storage: Store in a cool and dry place away from direct sunlight.

    Recyclable: PET materials it can be recycled.



    Part No. Handle Materials Standard Working Pressure Maximum Working Pressure Coupler Type
    1091103 3L PET + flexible inner bag 0.20Mpa~0.30Mpa 0.40Mpa T
    1091105 5L PET + flexible inner bag 0.20Mpa~0.30Mpa 0.40Mpa T
    1091110 10L PET + flexible inner bag 0.20Mpa~0.30Mpa 0.40Mpa T
    1091121 20L PET + flexible inner bag 0.20Mpa~0.30Mpa 0.40Mpa T
    1091131 30L PET + flexible inner bag 0.20Mpa~0.30Mpa 0.40Mpa T


    Part No. N.W Unit(kg) Unit Dimension Pcs / tray Tray Dimensions G.W / tray (kg)
    1091103 0.20 13.8cm Lx13.8cm Wx27.7cm H 384 115cm Lx115cm Wx181cm H 90.00
    1091105 0.25 17.3cm Lx17.3cm Wx31.2cm H 294 105cm Lx105cm Wx220cm H 113.00
    1091110 0.33 21cm Lx21cm Wx38.9cm H 150 105cm Lx105cm Wx234cm H 65.00
    1091121 1.50 24.5cm Lx24.5cm Wx58.5cm H 75 120cm Lx120cm Wx187cm H 126.00
    1091131 1.92 30cm Lx30cm Wx60cm H 48 120cm Lx120cm Wx190cm H 106.00

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