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    Talos metal FOB solve the problem of excessive foam in long-distance transportation, reduce beer loss and increase profits. Effectively eliminate the excess foam in the beer hose, prevent the liquid from flowing back when changing kegs, and discharge the excess gas and foam, so as to ensure the best drinking experience.


    - FDA food safety certification;

    - The main body is made of 304 stainless steel. The rubber seal has passed NSF certification. The tank body and internal floating objects are made of environmental friendly food grade plastics, which are acid, alkali and corrosion resistant

    - Ferrule connection design, good sealing performance

    - Small size without space limitation, sufficient installation space

    - The inlet / outlet hose is equipped with quick plug clamp and hose clamp clamp, which is easy to install

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    FOB, 304 stainless steel, environmental friendly food grade plastic is used for tank body and internal floating objects

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