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    Talos Twelve-way U type tower, suitable for bar counter or kegerator;product is made of 304 S.S, with fine polished surface, corrosion resistance and easy cleaning; The tube joint is applicable to most American Standard beer faucets.


    - tower is made of brass It is durable, with fine chrome surface, corrosion-resistant and easy to clean
    - 304 S.S tube,Ensure the safety of drinking and keep the original flavor of your beer for a long time
    - Applicable to glycol cooling system
    - Talos cylindrical column tower precision processing technology, the product is free of solder joints,no dripping and leakage

    Dispense SystemGlycol Cooled 
    Faucets12 ( Tap Handles not included )
    Faucet Spacing5-1/2" center to center
    Body Material304 S.S
    Connection (Product)3/16" I.D. x 1/4" O.D. 304 Stainless Steel Tubes
    Connection (Glycol)(5/16")O.D.Brass
    Faucet Height17-1/2"
    Column Diameter4"
    LED Lights OptionIncluded
    Mounting Template2 1/2"
    Screw Template3/8"
    Screw Pitch Diameter5-1/2"

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