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    Desktop Dual Cooling Counter Cooler A new device customized for commercial use development Unique water air dual cooling structure, equipped with a copper tube evaporator in the cooling water tank, ensures uniform and efficient ice formation in the water tank, and rapid cooling with cold water circulation; When the strong fan promotes the show of gas in the box, the refrigeration plate is used to achieve the cooling effect of the storage bin, ensuring that the liquor is discharged at the optimal temperature of 3-7°to the maximum extent. A new device designed for commercial use with low input costs, high unit price, and support for a variety of speciation's of Talos keg.
    It solves the pain points of traditional kegged beer channel development and helps to quickly establish channels.

    Applicable scenarios: chain terminals, supermarkets, restaurants, and bars.


    - Accuracy Pressure Safety operation

    - One machine with air water cooling, instant cooling

    - Integrated model, one machine can open a shop

    - Adjustable thermostat meet different temperature requirements

    Multi-specification compatibility (3L/5L/10L keg availble)

    -The faucet supports semi-automatic pouring

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