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    Talos desktop dual-cooling beer dispenser features a unique water-air dual-cooling structure. The cooling water tank is equipped with a copper tube evaporator allowing for freezing evenly and efficiently, and the rapid cooling of the circulating water is achieved. A powerful fan promotes the airflow inside the box and cools the storage warehouse through the cooling plate, ensuring that the beer is served at the optimal temperature of 3-7℃.


    - Integrated design, built-in air pump, no assembly required, saving operating costs. With this type of dispenser, opening a draft beer quick-drink store can be easily done.
    - Precision beer storage space design, improve space utilization, support 3L/5L/10L volume Talos small kegs.
    - Air-cooled + water-cooled integrated refrigeration design to meet the double needs of instant cooling and long-term freshness preservation
    - It allows for precise temperature control with up to 7 adjustable temperature levels to meet the cooling temperature needs of different beers and cold drinks.
    - It has an integrated air pressure switch, 1.8 bar on, 2.3 bar off, ensuring accurate pressure and safe operation.
    - It can be applied in different scenarios such as chain CVS, supermarkets, restaurants, beer retail stores, pubs, taprooms, bars, directly operated breweries, etc. It is designed to be flexible and can be used in various settings to meet the needs of different customers.
    - It is an upgrade of traditional draft beer dispensing equipment, equipped with the Internet of Things, supporting GPRS positioning and remote start-stop of the machine. It helps craft brew brands achieve digital management, which can improve the efficiency and convenience of the operation and make it more cost-effective.
    - It ensures the efficient and powerful cooling performance of the beer tube, ensuring sustained stable dispensing of beer and the best drinking beer temperature. By using a high-quality brand compressor, it can guarantee better performance, lower noise, and a longer lifespan.
    - Equipped with refrigerant R134a, which is more efficient means that it can cool down faster and consume less energy, which can contribute to reducing the energy consumption and operating costs of the equipment.
    - The faucet supports semi-automatic pouring with a positioning function, and the beer can be dispensed without holding the handle for a long time. It is equipped with a flow valve that can freely adjust the dispensing flow rate of the beer. The faucet handle can be pushed backward to release foam, and the foam ratio can be adjusted as you like. It can dispense beer more efficiently and conveniently.
    - Configured with a 3L cleaning bucket, the top cover is removable and easy to add cleaning agents. The operation is simple, connect the dispenser, open the faucet, and the cleaning work can be completed.

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