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    Bev-Seal Ultra® 973 Series Insulated Barrier Tubing Bundles

    Construction: Bev-Seal Ultra® 973 Series cabled insulated bundles are comprised of flushable Bev-Seal Ultra® 235 Series tubes (see page 13), each color coded and individually numbered, and red/blue-colored Bev-Seal Ultra® Series coolant tubes strategically placed and designed to provide optimum cooling. A tear-resistant aluminized film wrap over the group of tubes further enhances the insulating properties of the 3/4" thick tubular foam sleeve. A black extruded jacket with slip agent to minimize friction is branded with product identification, NSF listing marks, and footage counter marks.

    Note: Call for quotation for non-standard configurations and/or lengths. . . minimums will apply.
    * Bundles containing 5/16" product tubes are available as 973S Series.

    SpecificationsCarbon Dioxide
    Part Number973-0012004X250
    Standard Package250' Reel
    Description & Configuration Foam Insulation • Film Wrapped Black Extruded Jacket12 – .380 x .500 Bev-Seal Ultra® Tubes 4 – .380 x .500 Red/Blue Tubes
    Max. Bundle OD (in)4.0
    Weight per Pkg.(lbs)297
    Weight per Pkg.(kgs)135
    Min. Bend Radius (in)12
    Clamp Size (mm)14.0

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