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    Talos Filling Faucet
    Talos Filling faucet, chrome plated brass body and shaft, 304 S.S lever
    Talos Keg 3L - American Talos Inc.
    PET Keg environmentally friendly aluminum bag
    Talos Keg 5L - American Talos Inc.
    PET Keg environmentally friendly aluminum bag
    Talos Keg 10L - American Talos Inc.
    PET Keg environmentally friendly aluminum bag

    Best solution for draft beer take out service

    The sale of fresh beer starts from filling. The talos keg filling faucet specially designed by talos for the craft bar can be quickly applied to a variety of scenarios such as conventional column tower and walk-in cold room. With 3 / 5 / 10Ltalos keg, it can stimulate more consumption potential and bring greater business opportunities. It is the best solution for taking draft beer out.

    Three advantages

    • Special filling technology for talos keg

      Special filling faucet fortalos keg, strong sealing, no contact with air during the whole filling process, and long preservation period

    • Small size, easy to transport

      The filling faucet is suitable for 3 / 5 / 10L taloskeg, which is light and pressure resistant and can withstand long-distance transportation

    • Complete supporting, applicable to all scenarios

      A variety of beer dispensing equipment to help the bar quickly establish a sales system in a variety of entertainment scenes at a lower cost

    Our bar customers have successfully tested these business models:

    • Online expansion

      Talos keg filling faucet &3 / 5 / 10L keg

      Build an online e-commerce service platform and open up a new business territory

    • Flash delivery of fresh beer

      Talos keg filling faucet & 3 / 5 / 10L keg & Mini keg top dispenser

      Empowerkeg beer take out business and expand service radius

    • Food and beverage

      Talos keg filling faucet & 3 / 5L keg & table dispenser

      Supply small-scale drinking places such as restaurants / hotels and develop new channels

    • Home standing

      Talos keg filling faucet &3L keg &PIDAN

      Open the family consumption scene of KEG beer, expand the boundary of craft brewing culture, and enjoy the wonderful draft beer at home

    • Outdoor drinking

      TALOS KEG filling faucet & 3L EKG & electric mini KEG top dispenser & portable rope

      Camping / picnic / mountaineering... Create a "1 + n" Pan entertainment crossover space

    Added value of Talos keg filling faucet

    Lower equipment cost: the talos keg filling faucet can directly replace the original faucet, which is 10% of the cost of the can sealing machine

    Closer customer relationship: the online and offline interactive experience not only expands the customer base, but also makes the bond between the bar and customers more close

    New performance section: a new business module, which increases performance, improves employees' work enthusiasm and maintains high service status

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