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    - Air cooling system: it not only has the function of cold storage, fresh preservation and heat preservation, but also can cool the beer,Strong refrigeration, easy to deal with the scene of large volume beer sales
    - Design upgrade: the whole series of kegerator add air duct design, and the cold air is directly blown into the column,Ensure low temperature circulation and ensure the best drinking temperature of beer.
    - Applicable scenario: hotels, restaurants
    Equipped with brand compressor and high-quality evaporator to ensure strong refrigeration performance.*Environmental friendly high-density hard foaming agent is selected, which has large foaming thickness, good heat insulation effect, and the cooling capacity is not easy to volatilize, so as to achieve the best heat insulation effect.*Anti rust galvanized sheet material and laser cutting technology are used to create a precise three-dimensional shape; Frosted black electrostatic plastic spraying / stainless steel wire drawing surface, easy to clean and lasting;*The advanced professional temperature control technology of beer machine and the air duct design of the whole series of air coolers are added to realize the direct blowing of cold air into the wine column to ensure the low-temperature circulation and the best drinking temperature of beer.


    - Speed dual system: (air cooling & water cooling) integrated refrigeration design, integrating refrigeration, fresh keeping The function of rapid cooling is integrated to ensure the beer temperature and improve the continuous beer output
    - Applicable scenario: bars, hotels, restaurants .
    - Preferred brand compressors, water pumps and high-quality evaporators, high-speed dual systems (air cooling & water cooling) The integrated refrigeration design integrates the functions of cold storage, fresh preservation and rapid cooling, so as to ensure the Verify the liquor temperature and increase the continuous liquor output;
    - Large space, all-round ventilation design, equipped with 35 liter large capacity water tank, ice storage capacity Sufficient, foaming thickness greater than 25mm, good heat insulation effect. Close door design, rebound work Yes, universal casters are more convenient to use. Function first, just create more business for customers Business value.
    - It is made of antirust galvanized sheet material, laser cutting, and pursues the ultimate sheet metal technology to create precision Compact three-dimensional shape, frosted black electrostatic plastic spraying / stainless steel wire drawing surface, easier to maintain.Modular circuit design ensures the safe operation of the circuit.
    - Quality assurance, strict control of the company led development of the domestic leading draught machine Zhejiang manufacturing bank Industry standard, implement strict performance testing to ensure that each machine is in the harsh high temperature environment It still has rapid cooling capacity to ensure the demand for rapid production.

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