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    Home Dispenser

    White Color,Dry Cooling,Digital Thermostat - American Talos Inc.
    White Color,Dry Cooling,Digital Thermostat
    Dimple Dispenser Sold Out
    Food grade ABS engineering materials
    Mini Keg-top Dispenser Sold Out
    Food grade ABS engineering materials
    Easy Operation Small And Flexible - American Talos Inc.
    Food grade ABS engineering materials
    EASY OPERATION Small and flexible - American Talos Inc.
    Food grade ABS engineering materials

    Create a one-stop family bar

    With the Talos keg as the core, the product matrix composed of PIDAN, table dispenser, top dispenser and electric top dispenser breaks the geographical and equipment restrictions of kegged draft beer in retail, so that beer lovers can drink draft beer at any time, whether at home or outdoors. Cheers!
    Let brewers sell keg beer as simple as bottled beer.

    business model Obtain home users through multiple channels

    Wholesalers, when you have a taloskeg and a home dispenser series of small beer making equipment, you can:

    - Sell beer and equipment directly to home users

    - Sell beer and equipment on Amazon and other online platforms

    - Put your beer and equipment on the supermarket shelf

    - Let your beer and equipment enter more small bars and restaurants

    (places where only bottled / tinned bottles were sold)

    6 advantages to open up a new business territory

    • New way of selling beer

      From the original small bottles and large keg beer, the method of small kegs of draft beer is added, which is applicable to the whole sceney

    • Accelerate the layout of high-end product lines

      Make kegs the power of high-end products and provide new possibilities for the expansion of high-end products

    • Increase market penetration

      Small draft beer dispenser, solve equipment problems, reduce access threshold, make kegged draft beer no longer a niche, and give the market a new retail concept

    • Leading beer culture

      Beer is the most cosmopolitan, brand-new drinking experience and consumption scene, which will lead the change of beer culture in the world

    • Improve profit margin

      The introduction of high-end kegged draft beer can improve the product profit rate and price

    • Expansion of soft drink category

      Not only draft beer, but also liquid food such as wine, cocktail, juice, coffee

    home dispenser added value

    • New tide surging market

      Innovative and low-cost small draft beer dispenser, expand sales channels, coruscate market vitality, and give consumers new choices

    • Self service beer making experience

      A novel experience of beer making. When you are a bartender, you can enjoy the fresh draft beer from the tap at any time

    • Applicable to all scenarios

      Meet personalized pursuit, family party, party, camping, mountaineering, Party... It can go anywhere with you

    • Brand exposure customization

      Home dispenser series equipment provides customized shell color, pattern and logo to create your own image

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