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    Commercial Dispenser

    Talos Intelligent Capsule Dispenser - American Talos Inc. Sold Out
    White Color,Dry Cooling,Digital Thermostat
    Simple version Talos Intelligent Capsule Dispenser - American Talos Inc.
    White Color,Dry Cooling,Digital Thermostat
    Desktop Dual-Cooler - American Talos Inc. Sold Out
    Dispenser,Water-Cooled + Air-Cooled Dual System,Desktop
    Talos Keg 10L - American Talos Inc.
    PET Keg environmentally friendly aluminum bag
    Disposable beer tube - American Talos Inc.

    Overturn your way of selling KEG beer

    Talos 10L commercial beer dispenser is a machine customized and developed for commercial scenarios, providing personalized beer retail solutions for bars, restaurants, stalls and other scenarios. Suitable for 10L talos keg, with larger capacity. The technology configuration of intelligent temperature control and constant pressure lock freshness maximizes the taste of beer, so as to meet the picky taste buds of customers and offer you a fully play to your commercial potential.

    Six advantages Seize the market

    • Small desktop 10L beer dispenser

      Save space and reduce the threshold of keg beer sales

    • Intelligent refrigeration

      Visualization of temperature, pressure and capacity

    • Use food grade disposable beer tube

      One way tube, no cleaning

    • Saving cost

      Save gas cylinder, CO2 and transportation cost

    • Plug and play

      Just 6 steps to enjoy

    • Applicable to all scenarios

      Chain terminals, supermarkets, restaurants, bars

    Our brewery customers have successfully tested these business models

    • Investment promotion, light investment, high passenger unit price

      Any business place where at least one 10L beer machine can be placed, such as restaurants, convenience stores, coffee shops, hamburger shops, fried chicken shops, gas stations, etc.

    • Annual service, contract sale

      According to the restaurant's sales plan, 10L beer dispenser + keg beer are packaged and sold to improve the profitability of the restaurant and form its own competitiveness.

    • Member leasing and fast channel laying

      Member fees are charged, 10L beer dispenser is rented for 0 fee, and 2 kegs of beer are regularly delivered every month.

      Occupy more usage scenarios: Party, camping, club, football match, family barbecue party.

    • One stop Mini Bar

      Order 10L beer dispenser, accept online retail of keg beer, and open one-stop bar to high-end places such as home / Office / Club / Hotel

    10L commercial beer dispenser added value

    • Lower equipment cost

      The traditional keg beer dispensing equipment needs at least thousands of dollars of equipment investment and continuous co2 cost, while the 10L beer dispenser only needs less than 40% of the cost, and does not need gas and gas cylinders anymore.

    • No bartender required

      The revolutionary product design integrates all the functions of the traditional beer dispenser. With it, anyone can become a professional bartender. Just turn on the tap and you can have the best beer.

    • Brand exposure customization

      This beer machine with exquisite appearance provides customized shell color, pattern and logo to create your own image.

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