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    Simplifying the functionality of various beer faucets.
    June 27, 2021
    Standard Faucets: The typical beer faucet you would find on your personal kegerator and is the most common faucet on the market. The Standard Faucet is designed to provide hassle free easy-changeability for an easy swap. The faucet itself is designed for a variety of beers including, but not limited to American Ales & lagers.   European Faucets: Have the same functionality as your Standard faucet, but differ aesthetically and for good reason. From a visual comparison you can see that the European faucet has a skinnier spout or nose. This reduces the overall amount of foam in each pour. Note: European beer faucets usually have different threads or shorter shanks than your usual standard US Style beer faucet. You may need to purchase a new tower or shank to make this specific faucet work. Stout/Nitrogen Faucets: As the name indicates this faucet is designed to work with nitrogen-based draft systems. These are used to dispense nitro beers, stouts and can also be used for cold brew coffee or CBC for short. This faucet is designed for a slow pour so the intentional small faucet isn’t just for aesthetics, but also functionality. A slower pour provides the perfect foam head and creates an aroma to enrich your experience. Note: For clarification even though you can use this faucet with Stout or Cold Brew Coffee (CBC) it is recommended that you use the correct nitrogen for your product. Typically 100% nitrogen for your Cold Brew Coffee (CBC) and beer gas (25% C02 / 75% Nitrogen) for your stouts.

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