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    Understanding The Talos Keg Coupler
    July 18, 2019
      It is important to know the ins and outs to the keg coupler in order for it to be maintained: the assembly, the disassembly, regular cleaning and how to solve common problems. Here are some things you should probably know:   What is a keg coupler? A keg coupler is a vital part of the beer draft system as it connects the airline (CO2 or Nitrogen tank to ensure a stable flow, using compressed air to put the liquid into the vessel.) If the keg coupler is not attached stably it will not pour the liquid into the vessel.     Assembly and Disassembly of a Keg Coupler To maintain its quality – it has to be cleaned regularly, meaning to frequently attach and dismantle the utensil.   Here is a look at a completely dismantled keg coupler (aka Economy D Coupler):         Here is another look, but at a premium stainless steel version too, better for your keg coupler:         The parts are as indicated: Check Ball Check Ball Retainer Keg Tap and Tap Lever Handle Probe Seal Body Seal Check valve Tail Piece for 5/16″ Vinyl Hose Hex Nut for Beer Line – ⅜” Bore Stainless Steel Tail Piece for 5/16” Vinyl Hose     NOTE: (IF YOUR KEG COUPLER IS LEAKING, ALWAYS HAVE BEER LINE RUBBER WASHERS)   How to clean a keg coupler?   It is a good idea to clean your keg coupler every 2 or 3 weeks, or every half keg.   Draw out all parts from the coupler and dismantle it. Make a solution of roughly 1/2 oz to 1 oz of cleaning solution for every quart of water. Follow the instructions on the bottle of cleaning solution for precise amounts. Position all keg coupler parts in the solution, and brush them spotless. Wash them with clean water, then towel dry ahead of use.   Never forget to clean your beer lines as well!         Use the same combination of water/cleaning solution. Render your CO2 or Nitrogen, along with your regulator, completely off. Remove your coupler, faucet, beer line, and air line. Pour the cleaning solution into the jar and attach to the beer line. Tighten one end of the beer line to the jar and the other end to a bucket of cleaning solution. Wash down the cleaning solution through the line, and then pump clean water through the line a couple of times to shed all solution. Finally, reattach the parts of your system.   Is your keg tap not sealing, not working at all, or the handle is stuck?   The right-sized coupler should attach relatively easily, it is the wrong one if it doesn’t. Be sure to comprehend and match the beer you’re using with our keg coupler list:   What if the coupler is leaking or beer appears foamy?   Be sure that your rubber check valve is attached properly, which is often ignored and then discarded all the while being a critical part. Also, having extra rubber washers helps in the proper attachment of the hex nut and tailpiece to the lines, eliminating leaks when they reinforce attachments elsewhere in your system. Whenever two pieces of metal are colliding in your draft beer system, it’s a good idea to use a rubber washer to fasten them together.   For further queries, please feel free to contact: Give us a call M-F 9:00 AM – 6:00 PM at 626.923.9266, or email us at

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