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    - Multi layer step-down design, more accurate, more sensitive, more durable and safer.

    - High quality material selection: low lead brass material, high pressure forging, integrated forming; The high and low pressure gauge has passed CE certification, with accurate pressure display, sensitive pointer and no jitter

    - Surface treatment: nickel plating on the surface to prevent oxidation

    - Safety device: secondary pressure reducing structure and functional design to ensure more stable output pressure. When the pressure exceeds the value within the use range, it has automatic pressure relief function to ensure the safety of users

    - Pressure bearing capacity: much greater than 150kg pressure of gas cylinder, safe to use

    - Filtration function: 100 mesh powder metallurgy filtration, prevent the rust of carbon dioxide cylinder from penetrating, and the built-in filtration device prevents sundries from entering with the air flow

    - Structural advantages: ferrule connection design, good sealing; Wall bracket fixing lock to prevent accidental rotation of pressure reducing valve

    - Detailed configuration: the anti falling design is added at the adjusting screw to effectively avoid the accidental pop-up during use. The pressure regulating handle is convenient for pressure adjustment and high accuracy

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